What’s the point?

December 5, 2007

What is the point of movies having unneeded and unwanted explicit material?

 I’ve found that most people are uncomfortable with explicit scenes or intense swearing, so I wonder why movies are so heavily endorsed which contain those sorts of things. Many people don’t like it, but they support movies that contain these things anyway and just say “it was good, except for that one scene…”

 It almost seems like movie producers are competing with each other to be the most controversial, and the ones who aren’t are less of a producer because they have standards. I think all the explicit material in movies is not there because people want it there, it is there because people have become convinced that if it is rated pg or g that it is for children. The only way to appeal to adults it seems is to provide some sort of sex, violence, or swearing.

 Do you guys agree or disagree?



November 28, 2007

Hoax poster

I recently watched Hoax, which is rated R. The only things that gave it that rating were a couple f-bombs and a very short glimpse of an older lady’s breast.

I can’t help but wonder why they included the f-word, because it didn’t contribute to the dialogue in any way. It seemed almost out of place given the almost comical situation that the movie is based around. The nudity was also unneeded, it was so short and a little bit surprising because the scene was fine without it. I almost didn’t even notice, I just thought “Is that what I think I just saw?”

Some movies really have no need for these things to advance the plot, so why do writers work it into the script? If the two above details were missing the movie would have been rated pg-13 and nothing would have been lost.


November 20, 2007

Stardust poster

I saw the movie Stardust for the second time this weekend. It’s rated pg-13, which I think is a good rating for it because it could be scary for kids and death is one of the main themes, to more exact murder.

I really enjoyed the movie, but I found it interesting how most of the characters were in a race to kill someone else. I think the rating fit well because there was not anything that could have been edited out without completely ruining the plot.

Although one of the themes was death, it didn’t seem very violent because it was a fantasy. In real life people don’t cut a person’s heart out to eat it and gain eternal life. This fantasy element made it ok. I’ve found that with most fantasy movies violence is more acceptable because the movie is not realistic.