Super Bad

December 13, 2007


Wow! This movie from the previews looked like it was going to be the funniest movie of the century to me. Of course I watched it and I really regret it. I do admit there were really some hysterical parts of the movie that I loved, but it didn’t compensate for the other parts. The movie was so over-the-top with explicit content of words and vile comments about females and other people that I had to fast forward the movie through many parts. I would not recommend watching this movie unless you feel like really infecting your mind with perversive comments and bad intentions.


Keeping people aware

December 13, 2007


As I’m sure most of you have seen previews for the children’s movie coming out this December called the Golden Compass. I have received a few emails telling people that this is not a good children’s movie, due to the meaning behind the film. Apparently the Author of these books is a very proud atheist and prides his books on undermining and fighting the Catholic church. So for many parents this would not be a good film for their children to watch. Here is a link that will describe the author and his beliefs. But beware of letting you kids read these books and watch the movie. Remember that if you buy a ticket and see this movie you are only supporting and showing your in favor of this type of movie.

If any of you have similar thoughts or hear things about other movies that would not be good for anyone to see, please feel free to post what you can about that film.


After watching both of these movies I had completely different feelings from both films and the feelings these used to portray what was going on in the film. In Blood Diamond it goes through showing how conflict diamonds are played into the world of industrialized diamonds, and how the government has so much corruption that uses these unknown buyers for these diamonds to help fund these coalition groups that can try to over-throw the government and rule Africa. But in the mean time they show how brutal and violent they are to make people join forces with them so that they can come into power and the way they fund themselves are through these work camps that are used to find diamonds and sell them to outside sources that them sell them to all other clean markets. It also shows how these coalition groups use children from villages that they have pillaged and take these young boys and tell them to either join them or lose a hand so they can’t vote for new laws and policies that the government might put into act. Over-all this movie was an amazing showing of how things work in Africa and how much we really need to do to help stop these wars going on there. The film definitely deserved an R rating for violence and brutal images portrayed throughout the film, but it makes you feel totally for the characters in the movie and the need to help in any way we can.

In the Bourne Ultimatum that was just a fantastic movie. So well done, exciting, and intense but still a great story involved. The rating on this was a solid PG-13 due to violence. But I wonder if this were to be played maybe 20 or 30 years ago what the rating might be then. I would say that this might be rated R because of the violence in it. Because of car chases and gun shots, and the great acts of martial arts and pretty much kicking the crap out of some other guy this could possibly rate R in 1970.