Keeping people aware

December 13, 2007


As I’m sure most of you have seen previews for the children’s movie coming out this December called the Golden Compass. I have received a few emails telling people that this is not a good children’s movie, due to the meaning behind the film. Apparently the Author of these books is a very proud atheist and prides his books on undermining and fighting the Catholic church. So for many parents this would not be a good film for their children to watch. Here is a link that will describe the author and his beliefs. But beware of letting you kids read these books and watch the movie. Remember that if you buy a ticket and see this movie you are only supporting and showing your in favor of this type of movie.

If any of you have similar thoughts or hear things about other movies that would not be good for anyone to see, please feel free to post what you can about that film.


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